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“Mark is one of the most thorough chemists I’ve seen out in there! He has a clear understanding of all of the challenges chemical companies face in the marketplace today.”

“Mark is easy to work with, always willing to help, flexible in his time and knowledgeable in his subject matter… a great combination.”

“Mark is able to see the various facets of each issue and provides effective advice that incorporates regulatory compliance, business strategy, product marketing while understanding marketplace challenges. Mark can balance these concerns to help his clients make the best business decisions possible.”

“Mark’s knowledge in regulatory matters, as well as product formulations, allowed him to effectively work with our regulatory group so that we were able to meet or exceed our project deadlines and responsibilities to internal departments and to external agencies.”

“I would hire him again in a heart beat and recommend him to my customers needing technical or formulation help. I am also a chemist and know when I see “good chemistry”.”